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We’ve never met the management who could manage better blind than by having hard data, and taking action on the data to make measurable progress. Later in the Ladders (Ladder 4) we not only promote the value of measurement, but the benefits of using visible measures. By making the chosen measures visible right at the place of work, staff and managers are made aware on a daily basis of what the company wants everybody to concentrate on. That shapes behaviour. And if employee rewards are linked to company 22 / 12 LADDERS TO WORLD CLASS PERFORMANCE progress (see Ladder 10), then that adds to the focus and energy put behind them by everyone.

This is what we call the ‘internal customer’ (as opposed to the ultimate paying customer). And when he is passing over material like this, the operator acts in the role of supplier. As such, the operator should only pass on to his customer that which allows him to do a zero-defect job. Only if we have zerodefects at each stage can we hope to give our ultimate customer (the one who pays all our salaries) the perfect product you have effectively promised and he thinks he is buying. The same can be applied to the work done at the next stage, ie in the Body Shop (where they weld together the metal parts to make a complete car body) and then in the Assembly Shop (where they add an engine, steering wheel, seats, instruments, etc).

Aligning management behind the goals Getting any management fully behind the company’s goals starts at Board level. If it doesn’t happen there, it doesn’t go anywhere else. But with robust managers and thinkers at senior level, it is difficult to achieve that unity without a definitive process. It also helps to use an experienced independent facilitator to run the process. With previous experience in business he can ask the appropriate ‘naïve’ question at the right time, introduce ideas that get managers to think ‘out of the box’, and with no in-company career aspirations to worry about, he can raise important subjects that might otherwise be taboo.

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