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By Timothy Feist

Skolt Saami is an jap Saami language in the Uralic family members. This grammar offers an outline of the phonology, morphology and syntax of Skolt Saami, paying specific awareness to its hugely complicated morphophonological and inflectional structures. perception into the constitution of Skolt Saami discourse is equipped by means of 4 glossed texts. This grammar will function a major software for theoretical linguists and typologists in addition to source for the language group and others attracted to Saami languages.

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The first of these—to differentiate between a palatal or and a sequence of or followed by —has already been explained in the preceding section. Its second purpose is to indicate an overshort vowel or breath. This may be used, for example, where an original vowel has been lost and is no longer marked in the orthography, but where the addition of a derivational suffix, which begins with an identical consonant to the final consonant of the stem, renders it necessary. INF + –mõš NOMINALISING SUFFIX) mättʼted (teach) ← (mätt education + –t– CAUSATIVE + –ed INFINITIVE) ǩiõllʼlaž (linguistic) ← (ǩiõll language + –laž ADJECTIVAL SUFFIX) In the case of some words the overshort vowel represented by the apostrophe may be the only thing differentiating a word from an otherwise identical word.

Nl/praat/ [accessed 6-Nov-2009]. 7 T HEORETICAL FRAM EW ORK The aim of this thesis is to describe the structure of the Skolt Saami language in a way which will make it accessible to the widest possible audience and useful to scholars regardless of their particular theoretical framework. It is also hoped that, by doing so, it will also be useful to future generations. It therefore avoids focusing on a particular theory or school of thought that would otherwise render this grammar inaccessible to some or useless, should that theory go out of fashion.

The entries in this substantial work also include information on dialectal variation and provide several paradigm forms for many words. Other dictionaries, which use the official orthography, are Mosnikoff and Sammallahti (1988) and Sammallahti and Mosnikoff (1991), the latter of which includes some grammatical notes. In addition, a huge lexicon, compiled by Jouni Moshnikoff, exists in an unpublished form and is under continual development. 6. 31 There exists a considerable number of publications relating to the issues of consonant gradation and phonological quantity in Skolt Saami.

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