Nikolay Minev, Yasser Seirawan's A Practical Guide to Rook Endgames PDF

By Nikolay Minev, Yasser Seirawan

Rook endgames symbolize nearly 1/2 all endings reached in grasp video games, so, it's critical that chess gamers completely familiarize themselves with this serious a part of endgame research. enhance realizing and play of those most crucial endings, with those transparent, complete factors.

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C;a;,g6 leads to 2 b4 c;a;,n 3 b5 c;a;,e7 4 c;a;,c6! c;a;,d8 (otherwise White plays 5 b6, but the use of the eighth rank exposes Black to check) 5 c;a;,b7 g5 6 b6 g4 7 c;a;,a8 g3 8 b7 g2 9 bl'if+. 6a). 6b). Again, Black has had to expose his king to check from b8, and 9 b7-b8'if+ duly wins. 7 (A. Mandler, 1938) shows broadly similar play, but the White pawn is one file nearer and White can win even after allowing Black to promote. ~b3 and catch the White pawn. Instead, White must play the delightful move 1 ~c7·d6!

G7-<:7+ ~b8-a8 the rook is pinned in its tum and mate by :a3 is tantalizingly out of reach. a3-b2+ ~b5-a4. 9b, and 8 :<:3-a3 mate is at last possible. 9b After 7 .. r~b5-a4 Giving mate 33 A modem trend in composition has been the creation of studies in which the Black men move into position as a result of aggressive play by Black himself, not merely in passive response to White's threats. 10 (G. M. Kasparian, 1961) shows an excellent study of this type. eS-t7 will appear in due course. hS-d4+ 2 ~aS-a7 3 bS-b6 (3.

The farseeing introductory move 1 d6-d7 forces Black to capture; if he tries 1.. exd4+ 2 exd4+ is also crushing. c8xd7, which blocks d7. ). 6 mate neatly concludes matters. 9 (A. Mouterde, 1922) is even more light-hearted. If the White king were on a2, instead of aI, the White queen would not be pinned, and White would have an elementary win; he could check with rook and queen alternately, and drive the Black king to the a-file. 9a). g7-<:7+ ~b8-a8 the rook is pinned in its tum and mate by :a3 is tantalizingly out of reach.

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