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By Viacheslav Eingorn

Playing as Black in a video game of chess may be tricky. Do you just try and neutralize White's initiative, or pass all-out to complicate the sport? both means, there are various pitfalls, and many research will be needed.

In this e-book, Grandmaster Eingorn indicates that it's attainable either to play solidly, and to take White out of his convenience region. He recommends principles and move-orders which are a bit off the overwhelmed music, yet which he has very rigorously labored out over decades of his personal perform. The repertoire, in response to enjoying 1...e6, is strikingly inventive and may entice those that need a enjoyable lifestyles as Black. you'll get each probability to illustrate your chess talents, and are impossible to be blown off the board by means of a pointy ready line. All you wish is a versatile process, and a willingness to attempt out new buildings and ideas. Eingorn's sophisticated move-orders are fairly powerful if White refuses to select up the gauntlet, as Black can then use his hold up in enjoying ...Nf6 to sturdy impact and take the struggle on to his opponent.

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The king's absolute position on the board is a very strong factor in deter­ mining king safety. For example, a king in the center of the board, with suffi­ cient enemy forces remaining, is sub­ ject to attack from all directions. This vulnerability may make it almost impos­ sible for the defender to protect itself by controlling all possible avenues of attack. Therefore, the attacker may give up much material, to obtain such a po­ sition. On its starting square, e l , the king faces only 180 degrees of board, much of it initially cOQtrQijed by its forces.

This theorem, based upon game theory, states that "One's position cannot be better after a move than it was before! " While a t first seemingly illogical, this theoremJ2 is one of the most important things a chess analyst should know, and a simple proof is as follows: Ironically, such a position occurred in one of my games as I was editing this book! I had made the rare (for me) error of forgetting my analysis from the pre­ vious move and had blundered, even­ tually stumbling into the this hopeless looking position: The evaluation of a position assumes best play (The reductio ad absurdum statement-"White stands worse be­ cause, although White has a mate in one, I think White will put the queen en prise" - shows why this makes sense) Therefore, to evaluate a position cor­ rectly before moving, assume the best move will be played (whether or not anyone ever finds it).

Some vulnerability and, considering the resulting lack of flexibility that often ensues, grounds for the hypermodems ' claims. Later, we will use a simple definition of center control (that of attacking the four center squares) to compare piece con­ trol of the center from various squares . I n summary, center control is tied to vulnerability. Center control usually implies high flexibility, but high flexibil­ ity does not imply center control. Addi­ tionally, strong center control means that the odds of high mobility are greater.

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