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By Konstantin Sakaev

In his new publication GM Sakaev analyzes all significant structures after 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 d5 4.cxd5 Nxd5 5.e4 Nxc3 6.bxc3 Bg7 7.Bc4. He additionally can pay enormous cognizance to strange, yet difficult schemes as 7...0-0 8.Ne2 Qd7 and 8...Nc6. the writer exhibits how Black may equalize whilst White deviates from the main trying out diversifications, like in relation to 7...c5 8.Ne2 Nc6 9.Be3 0-0 and now 10.Rc1 or 10.Rb1. in fact the focal point of the ebook is at the topical place which arises after 7...c5 8.Ne2 Nc6 9.Be3 0-0 10.0-0. The readers will discover a unique clarification and research of all average continuations with Sakaev's innovations the place to appear for a bonus. the writer unearths a few very promising novelties at the major street of his favourite edition. Sakaev's paintings is orientated in part to symbolize the viewpoint of White and it truly is meant to assist avid gamers create difficulties for Black within the Gruenfeld Defence. nonetheless, it'd be attention-grabbing for the gamers who get pleasure from enjoying the Gruenfeld Defence with Black in addition. This e-book has summarized the modern concept as much as March 10 2006.

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In each case all three pawns are on their starting squares, so each time it is an exercise in using good technique, leading to a triumph for the stronger side. Mostly these are reasonably simple, but in Capablanca's final case precise technique is required. I am referring to the following situation. White to play Before we proceed, the reader may wish to take some time to practice play31 P A R T 1. Thinking techniques ing this position against a partner (human or silicon). It can be useful to get a 'feel' for a position by playing it out before studying the theory.

G8 9. *f6 * h 7 10. *f7 * h 8 11. *g6 White wins. e. play the move g5-g6, creating a passed pawn, at the moment Black's king is on the h8 square). f6 and the move (Zugzwang situation in Building Block B). 41 P A R T 1. Thinking techniques > If Black plays his pawn to h5 at any stage, White should be able to win the pawn. This will be achieved either by playing h2-h4 (if the white pawn is still on g2) and entering the critical squares of the h5-pawn, or by blocking with g4-g5 (if the white pawns are already on g4 and h4).

Axd3+ * x b 3 and Black wins easily. Lesson 4. Step b y Step — A G u i d e to Little Plans S U M M A R Y OF IDEAS > A grand plan is a good thing. The move-by-move specifics are dealt with in the framework of little plans to achieve short-term goals. > Remember always that while the direction of travel (where you want to take the position) is determined by your plans, tactics are always present and form the pathways which you can take to your destination. 1c4 4>b8 Postscript After my game with Short, I found a game he had played 18 years previously which followed a very similar path.

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