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The vision presented encapsulates two of the central goals not only of collaborative virtual environments (CVEs), but also of any communication medium. First, to enable groups of people to collaborate and interact socially in an efficient and enjoyable way, and second, to foster the illusion that people are together when in reality they are in distinct physical locations. CVEs have the makings of a potentially powerful medium of communication that heralds new promises and challenges. It is their inherently spatial property that sets them apart from other collaborative media.

July 31: Section A, Page 1, Column 1. 29. Morton, G. (1980). Effect of eye contact and distance on the verbal reinforcement of attitude. Journal of Social Psychology, 111: 73–78. 30. V. (1987). Facilitative effects of gaze upon learning. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 64: 1275–1278. 31. P. R. (1979). Effect of teacher’s gaze on children’s story recall. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 50: 35–42. 32. Fry, R. F. (1975). The effects of feedback and eye contact on performance of a digit-encoding task. Journal of Social Psychology, 96: 145–146.

As previously discussed, one assumption made by several researchers is that convincing behaviour is a higher priority than realistic appearance in the development of expressive avatars. We wished to test this assumption by investigating the impact of the (higher-fidelity) inferred-gaze model with the (lower-fidelity) random-gaze model on avatars whose appearance represented different levels of photorealism. The initial hypothesis was that behavioural realism would be independent in its effects on perceived quality of communication from the impact of visual realism, and that it would be of greater importance.

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