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By Byron Jacobs

Inspired through Alexander Kotov's Think Like a Grandmaster, chess columnist and overseas grasp Byron Jacobs has created a approach that trains gamers to imagine methodically in average over-the-board occasions. He focuses in particular on supporting them to investigate effectively and make feel of complicated positions--precisely these facets of chess the place video games are received or lost.

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Played in the last round of the tournament, my opponent was desperate for a draw, which would secure him an IM norm. He approached me before the game asking if i wanted a draw, to which I declined. He then started reasoning, which was totally out of order in my opinion and deserving of one answer only: "I don't care. cj{g3 However, once the game got underway, things quickly went his way. � ' �� �� � � � �� �� � "�� �� �� �� �� �a ��'¥� ��. � -��-��. cj{e2 f5!? b4 axb3 Jacob Aagaard 34 yet. If nothing else, it is clear that Black has made major progress in the last ten moves!

My impression from that time - of an enormously talented kid, who isn't especially hard-working or well prepared in the opening - still stands. Sadly, my positive score against him most certainly does not! When playing with the white pieces the usual strategy, at least for a theoretician such as myself, is to put maximal pressure on the opponent as quickly as possible. ), has enabled many amateurs to raise their opening level considerably. Nevertheless, despite the ever­ increasing competency of my opponents, my policy with the white pieces remains the same: it's serve and volley, maximum pressure and if all goes to plan, putting the opponent away quickly.

The queen calmly prepares to join the action on the kingside. xf2t! 29. xd2t 30. � xd2 �g5t 3 l . e2 �g2 With a winning attack. It's always a sad feeling when you realize you've missed the opportunity to win in such grand style. Still, we should not lose sight of the fact that the most important thing is to win in the end! When it comes to the rating list or tournament prize chart, an ugly win is just as valuable as a beautiful one. e2!? �f4 d4 offers Black decent compensation. �g2! White continues to play well, taking full advantage of the shelter offered by the g3pawn.

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