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1997); but in most published studies, the reasons for choosing a particular resolution are often not explicitly discussed and may be set as much by local practice as a conscious decision. In part, this is probably because although there is always a balance to be struck between sensitivity and resolution (any attempts to increase resolution will be at the expense of longer exposure times to achieve the same S/N) the balance is not finely poised. This is particularly true for low sample throughput laboratory-based experiments, since any loss of signal due to increasing resolution can be compensated by extending the accumulation time.

5%). The nonoverlapped, combined azimilide ring breathing bands at 1600 and 1620 cmÀ1 were clearly detected and used for monitoring the homogeneity of the blend. 1% of azimilide blend can be monitored by Raman spectroscopy. 4% w/w of the tablet, quite strong Raman signal is obtained from the API from some spots on the surface of the tablets (Fig. 10) (Sˇasˇic´, 2007a). For comparison, magnesium stearate is also present in approximately the same amount but its Raman response is much weaker and could not be detected, while the Raman response of 78% w/w of lactose was not much stronger, which is in a sharp contradiction with its much higher concentration.

2002; Wartewig and Neubert, 2005) and a list the compounds which have been studied up to 2002 is available (Vankeirsbilck, 2002). However, a short summary table is included here to cover examples of studies that have been published 2002–2006. 1 Overview of Quantitative Raman Studies on Pharmaceutical Materials Published 2002–2006. Active compound Physical form Spectrometer Analysis References Acetylsalicylic acid, acetaminophen Acyclovir Tablets FT M Blister pack FT U Ambroxol Tablets FT M Ambroxol Tablets M Calcitonin Powder U Vehring, (2005) Captopril, prednisolone Carbamazepine Chlorophenicol palmitate Tablets Dispersive (785 nm) Dispersive (670 nm) FT Szostak and Mazurak (2002) Skoulika and Georgioa (2003) Szostak and Mazurak (2004) Hwang et al.

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