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By Mihail Marin

Acclaimed writer and chess grandmaster, Mihail Marin offers a gap repertoire for Black opposed to the Open video games. this suggests supplying a solution to e4, yet now not contemplating the most strains of the Spanish beginning. This contains openings similar to the Scotch, the Vienna, the Spanish alternate version, or even the infamous King's Gambit. Marin makes use of his popular writing abilities to provide an explanation for the tips in the back of each one stream, so Beating the Open video games escapes the normal beginning publication seize of being a humdrum checklist of study. Marin has dependent the ebook normally on his personal repertoire and divulges many unique strikes and concepts. After learning this booklet the reader won't purely have a very good repertoire but additionally a deeper figuring out of chess.

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I can sympathize if you find this po­ sition rather scary for Black, but let's not forget that White no longer h as a battering ram in the shape of a centre pawn . Unless Bl ack blunders, there's no good reason why White shoul d be able to break through his defen sive line. e6! Here's a way for Black to blunder and lose: 9 ... b6?? 10 i.. xf6 gxf6 (or 10 ... e7 - 11 ... h 6+ (if 11 ... b 7 it's m ate in one) 12 'it'b1 and Black h as no defence to the double threats of 1 3 ttJxf6+ and 13 ttJxe7, uncovering an attack on a8.

Fxe4? runs into 5 "iWh s+ and 6 "ii'x ds, leaving the black centre ruined. 5 f3 lLlf6! Very sen sible. H avin g taken a liberty with 3 ... a6, we shouldn't push our luck •.. And suddenly White's position is collapsing as there i s no good way to 40 W h i t e Plays 2 tD c 3 too far. Rather than speed up White's development with s ... exf3 6 tDxf3, Black brings his own knight into the game. 6 fxe4 fxe4 The black pawn on e4 looks ugly, but just as ugly is the fact that the white knight on g l can 't go to f3.

White therefore h as to devise a plan of action to undermine the black centre. From a strategic point of view he has two options: play a violent e2-e4 breakthrough or else arrange c2-c4 af­ ter all . The Immedia te Ciambit: 3 e4 1 d4 f5 2 lDC3 d 5 3 e4 dxe4 4 f3 e 5 ! f4 to rule it out and only after 3 ... a6 go 4 e4 (not that it does them much good in the g ames in this ch apter). 5 dxe5 Black has opened the centre at a bad time for White, as his knight on g l is denied the f3 -square. I n fact this has proved the downfall of White in all the g ambit games discussed here - he sac­ rifices a pawn to speed up his devel­ opment, only to find that it has made it harder, not easier, to mobilize his king ­ side pieces.

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